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About Rapid Runner Bilge Systems, Inc.

The need for these battery/pump configurations have come out of years of necessity, paddling an open canoe along side kayakers who don't have to stop to empty. I quickly found that a bilge pump enhanced the paddling experience. I spent less time bailing and more time enjoying the paddling, and I never had to get out of my boat to empty. I have been paddling with a bilge pump since the mid 1980's, and have received numerous requests from fellow paddlers to construct customized battery/pump configurations for them. The choices listed on this website are those that have become most popular.

My first river trip in the 1970's was in an aluminum canoe (with a keel), a wooden paddle, and an orange "horseshoe" life jacket. The bailer of the time was an old Clorox bottle. Today the boats are made of high tech plastic, the paddles are carbon fiber, and the life jackets are thin and ergonomically designed; so for those of you still bailing with a Clorox bottle, there's now an easier method of bailing fit for the 21st century.

Rapid Runner custom assembles several different battery/pump configurations to meet the needs of today's paddler. Please email us if you have any special requests.

Jeffrey Valen - President
Rapid Runner Bilge Systems

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